Patricia M.

Just wanted to drop a note on the garage door install. I am so happy with the work done and the door in general. I must say that Phil did an excellent job! I would also like to comment on the overall service I have received in the past on the garage door at this house and also my previous house…whenever I have had an issue your team (and I include the gentleman who serviced the door late fall last year) has been so responsive and PLEASANT and extremely helpful not to mention knowledgeable…I must include the woman who answers the phone in your office…I am not sure but I think her name is Linda….whenever I call it never seems to be a bother and she is SO helpful and makes me feel like my call is important. She is also very knowledgable and to my surprise fully capable of helping me troubleshoot issues!

I recommend you guys to all my friends. Thank you for your service and my wonderful garage door installation!!!!