Common Garage Door Issues

Garage door squeaks when it opens and closes

Springs, rollers and hinges can squeak and be noisy. This is caused by normal use and does not necessarily indicate a problem. Before contacting us to schedule service, use a spray-on lubricant (recommended specifically for garage doors). If the noise persists, contact us to schedule your service.

The cable is frayed

Contact us to schedule service and fix the problem. Do not attempt to remove, repair or adjust springs or cable. HIGH SPRING TENSION CAN CAUSE SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH.

Garage door does not open smoothly, but in a jerky motion or with loud noises

This may be due to the lack of maintenance of the garage door or garage door opener. Contact us for a service check-up.

When I push the button on my garage door remote, the garage door doesn’t open

This could be due to several issues. The most common is that your garage door remote may need the batteries replaced. The safety photo eyes on your garage door opener may be out of alignment or your spring(s) may be broken.

My garage door does not close all the way, but goes back up into the open position

An object may be blocking the path of the photo eye sensors or the photo eye sensors of the opener may be misaligned. Both lights on the photo eyes must be solid for the opener to work correctly.

The bottom of my garage door has rust spots

These rust spots may be caused by salt used during the winter to melt ice and snow or chemical splatter from a driveway cleaner. Make sure to clean your garage door with water and soap to remove any debris that may remain on your garage door exterior.